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You may now purchase and stream our Beginner Courses online. 1) Surya Flow 2) Chandra Flow 3) Sattvic Rest 4) Lotus Meditation *Bonus: Introduction to Gut Wellness DM us for more info 💙 “The courses are amazing! I’m actually excited to wake up early in the morning to practice. Really, really thank...

We are now offering our signature SUP Yoga classes as PRIVATE 1-on-1 lessons! • Aqua Firma (SUP and indoor practice) • Aquanimous Yoga • Aqua Restore • Aqua Sati Meditation We can cater to a maximum of 3 participants for our Aqua Firma INDOOR practice using our specialized stability boards...

Muscles position the joints in a yoga pose and align the bones. Although we can use gravity and other forces to attain the general shape of the asana, the instability of the board in Aqua Firma activates certain muscles to provide precision. Aside from engaging agonist...