Makati Shangri-La, Manila
Ayala Alabang, Muntinlupa City 1780, Philippines
OUR STORY - Aquanimous Yoga
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Ever since Lalah started surfing in 2002, she’d always wanted to live by the beach but she was still in college back then and didn’t know how to sustain it. Life in Manila happened and it took her a while until in 2010, when she started teaching yoga, did it occur to her that she can combine both of her passions with SUP Yoga. It became her dream and she worked for it until in 2016, when she finally got the boards, did she decide to move to La Union to start Aquanimous Yoga.

La Union wasn’t part of the plan. She was supposed to establish Aquanimous Yoga in Manila. But the¬†pledge to live her truth and to build a life she doesn’t need a vacation from was a far more louder cry than anything else.

The experiences she’s had throughout the years, both the ones that sent her soaring high up in the clouds and the ones that shook her to the very core and brought her rock bottom, became the very foundation she’s built Aquanimous Yoga on. Aside from these, Aquanimous Yoga also represents the love, support and generosity of her family and friends. Without them, Aquanimous Yoga wouldn’t have been possible.

As her way of showing her sincerest gratitude, she is paying it forward by giving a portion of the proceeds from the classes to Dhamma Phala Vipassana Meditation Philippines. There is also a community class on the beach every Wednesday at 5PM. And now, with the I Am Aquanimous Boutique, ten (10) trees are planted for every item sold.

Her journey hasn’t been easy but she believes that we are the creators of what we see, and breath is the doorway to it all. May our practice give us time and space to simply be ourselves. May we everyday re-member the beauty and power that we are, and may we real-eyes that what we truly seek is always right here, NOW.