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Aqua Firma

In Aquanimous Yoga, we believe that BALANCE and STABILITY are the cornerstone of quality movement, and AWARENESS and EQUANIMITY are the fundamental tools for conscious living. Balance and stability are highly overlooked skills in the world of yoga and fitness. Most do not include it in...

We are offering our Beginner Series as a four-part online course starting next month! Each course in this series runs for 10 days and comes with a FREE 10-Day Lotus Meditation (Aqua Sati) course, and an introduction to Gut Wellness. AY is a comprehensive holistic approach...

In Aquanimous Yoga, we aren't just about being soft and peaceful; we're also about being strong, and wild, and forceful. We tend to emphasize the serenity-inducing, rejuvenating, and stress-reducing aspects of yoga, but the yogic path is also about bringing out our strength and channeling our...