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Balance and Stability

The deep and superficial myofascial systems, coordinated by the nervous system, work synergistically to support the development of optimal core stabilization and movement patterns. The muscles of the deep myofascial system (DNS) are the deep-lying muscles that work to maintain our posture despite the downward compressive...

Here are some of the signs that core instability is the culprit in contributing to spinal discomfort, pain, or movement restriction. Do you notice any of these symptoms? *Note: Other causative factors may contribute to all of these symptoms. If in doubt, consider seeing your healthcare practitioner...

In Aquanimous Yoga, we believe that BALANCE and STABILITY are the cornerstone of quality movement, and AWARENESS and EQUANIMITY are the fundamental tools for conscious living. Balance and stability are highly overlooked skills in the world of yoga and fitness. Most do not include it in...