Makati Shangri-La, Manila
Ayala Alabang, Muntinlupa City 1780, Philippines
OUR INTENTION - Aquanimous Yoga
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The AY Practice is an integrated and innovative balance and stability practices on the Stand-Up Paddleboard (SUP) and Stability Board (SB) that develops a centered and embodied CORE.

In Aquanimous Yoga, we believe that balance and stability are the cornerstone of quality movement, and awareness and equanimity are the fundamental tools for conscious living.

Balance and stability are highly overlooked skills in the world of yoga and fitness. Most do not include it in their practice as many do not understand the importance of this training subtype. Yet, they are arguably the most important simply because we need them all the time.

Using the SUP and SB, it is our intention to provide a new paradigm of movement that is filled with somatic core awareness and equanimity to create a balanced and neutral body, heart and mind that fully embodies form and function in multiple dimensions.

When our core muscles do their job in centering our pelvis and stabilizing our lumbar spine, it minimizes the effort of more external and superficial muscles. When our core muscles are functioning optimally, our pelvis and lumbar spine will be in a neutral position and stabilized from deep within, creating an experience of effortless verticality that is expressed in graceful integrated posture and movement.

This physical centeredness can liberate energetic resources and promote a harmonious flow of energy and breath in the body (known as prana within the Yoga tradition, or qi or chi in martial arts traditions). Creating core balance may also help us to feel more emotionally secure and able to meet previously overwhelming situations with robustness and resilience.

Knowing how to hold our ground may correlate to a powerful psychodynamic stability and impertubability that gives skillfulness to our speech and action. However we quantify the meaning of core, being centered in the present moment can help us to live from our deepest values and to focus on what ultimately matters.

May this journey to being Aquanimous (aware and equanimous) inspire, transform, and delight you, allowing you to joyously be of greater benefit to all beings.