Makati Shangri-La, Manila
Ayala Alabang, Muntinlupa City 1780, Philippines
Aquanimous Yoga
Welcome to our yoga studio, a space for you to explore and deepen your yoga practice. We use three different yoga platforms to balance your body, heart and mind.
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Elevate Your Practice With A Surface And Weight That Moves

Aquanimous Yoga is an innovative and integrated instability practice on Stand Up Paddleboards (SUP) and Stability Boards (SB).

With our mindful and intentional dynamic stability practices, we aspire to create a world where individuals can adapt with resilience, move freely like water, and create a ripple effect to their community and relationships.

May this journey to being Aquanimous inspire, transform, and delight you, allowing you to joyously be of greater benefit to all beings.



Core stability is fundamental to overall body function. Our limbs can operate effectively only when our core is stable.

True core stability is achieved when we can get our joints in neutral position and coordinate optimal breathing with the activation of our core’s deep muscles, and then sustain this approach throughout our daily activities.

Learn and develop an optimal core stabilization strategy in our AY Basics class. Improve your posture and move with greater ease to lessen the likelihood of developing compensatory strategies that lead to tightness, dysfunction, and eventually, pain.


Our approach cultivates an embodied core that empowers you to manage uncertainties and effectively handle disturbances that may otherwise destabilize you.

With a surface and weight that reacts to your slightest movement, you have to constantly adjust to maintain control of the board, the weight, and your body. Consequently, the water reacts again creating a continuous cycle continues of challenge and adaptation to ceaseless change.

Deviating from traditional mats and weights, the SUP, stability board and aquabags are alive, ensuring that no two repetitions are ever the same. This dynamic experience provides a revolutionary AY Practice that trains your functional core strength, stability, mobility and flexibility far beyond what any other device could offer.






At the core of our philosophy lies the concept of holistic resilience and wellbeing achieved through functional, somatic, and dynamic stability practices on the water.

This ripples down: when we move well, we feel good; when we feel good, we’re able to live according to our deepest values, and focus on what truly matters in life.

  • Benefits of the Body

    Our dynamic stability practices strengthen your core, train every muscle, improve motor control, posture & performance, move with ease, prevent falls & injuries, enhance organ health among others

  • Benefits of the Heart

    Our heart-centered practices help improve emotional intelligence, balance energy & emotions, help you become more resilient, overcome fears & traumas, develop compassion & self-acceptance

  • Benefits of the Mind

    Our mindful practices help calm the mind and develop mental focus & concentration, relieves chronic stress, anxiety and depression, gives mental clarity to gain insight

  • Benefits of the Spirit

    As a spiritual practice, AY helps you become more present and more connected, letting you spread positive feelings towards everyone around you and to your environment

  • Therapeutic Aspects

    The healing & therapeutic aspects of the water aids in relieving chronic aches and pains, heal injuries and traumas, improves mood, tone and quality of sleep

  • Benefits of the Outdoors

    Being one with nature exposes us to life-enhancing elements such as vitamin D and negative ions, which can ward against cancer, heart disease and diabetes

Here are some of the signs that core instability is the culprit in contributing to spinal discomfort, pain, or movement restriction. Do you notice any of these symptoms? *Note: Other causative factors...

We offer three different streams that can be picked and chosen depending on your specific needs: Stability, Mobility, and Meditation. Each stream starts with the Beginner Series and progresses to its ...