Makati Shangri-La, Manila
Ayala Alabang, Muntinlupa City 1780, Philippines
Aquanimous Yoga
Welcome to our yoga studio, a space for you to explore and deepen your yoga practice. We use three different yoga platforms to balance your body, heart and mind.
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Welcome To Our Studio Without Walls!

It is our intention in Aquanimous Yoga to offer sincere seekers a road map

for awakening an inner life that can become a nourishing vehicle

for a kinder, healthier, more attuned way of being.

Come and join us. We wish you success in this journey.



Our Signature and Special classes are available for private face-to-face lessons. We currently cater to vaccinated persons within Alabang, BGC and Makati City. Practice at your own schedule and venue, and receive customized guidance in your AY practice. The boards are provided.


Our Beginner Series is available online through our Virtual Shala. They can be taken either as private lessons or as on-demand videos.

The AY Practice is a deeply personal journey of discovery. The main component of this integrated journey is deep sensation awareness with yoga asanas and subtle breathing exercises. The various phases...

THE FIVE MAIN COMPONENTS OF AN AY PRACTICE Self-discipline AY asana practices Concentration Mindfulness Deep feelings of Oneness  Self-discipline, AY asana practices and concentration are at the foun...

We live in a world where asking for validation is seen as needy, yearning for a relationship is seen as non-spiritual, and hyper-independence is put on a pedestal. As human beings we are fragile, and ...

As a yoga teacher, it’s important for me to keep my own personal practice. Not only does it fill my own cup, but it also becomes my teacher. I’m better able to see my own patterns and observe how ...