Makati Shangri-La, Manila
Ayala Alabang, Muntinlupa City 1780, Philippines
Aquanimous Yoga
Welcome to our yoga studio, a space for you to explore and deepen your yoga practice. We use three different yoga platforms to balance your body, heart and mind.
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Our Beginner Series on YouTube

Welcome To Our Studio Without Walls!

In Aquanimous Yoga, our classes are a practice of investigative personal discovery done on a stand-up paddleboard and stability board. It is our intention to present you with the clearest and most concise directions.

We offer you a foot-in-the-door. It is up to you to take the first few steps on the road to the discovery of who you are and what it all means. We must warn you that this path to self-realization is not in the least glamorous. On the contrary, it is quite humbling. Whenever we step into the light, our shadow side also becomes more apparent, and working on them is a necessary task.

But it is a journey worth taking and all it asks is for us to constantly, bravely, and compassionately face our limitations in order for us to realize our unlimited potential as spiritual beings. In Aquanimous Yoga, we add a sense of fun and adventure along the way.

Come and join us! We wish you success in this journey.


All of our classes are on a stand-up paddleboard (SUP), with Aqua Firma having the indoor option using our specialized stability boards (AF board). Our three yoga asana practices are categorized into three energetic flows that aim to physically and energetically balance our students while also promoting a conducive inner environment for awareness and equanimity through Mindfulness Meditation. 

These energetic flows are based on the three Gunas (universal energies): Rajas, Tamas and Sattva. Etymologically, surya and rajas are synonymous, and chandra and tamas are synonymous. Surya is sun and rajas are active. Chandra is moon and tamas are inactive. The combination of Sun and Moon, Ha and Tha , Yin and Yang, masculine and feminine is Sattva, or true rhythm and balance.

Since the mind is primarily an active system, our activities are especially important in affecting our mental energies. Most of us are in varying states of imbalance, and what we require is not a balanced practice but a balancing practice. We require a practice that balances us, not itself. We encourage you to choose the AY class that will balance you.



A sattvic, chandra-based AY practice that combines an active Yang style of SUP Yoga & a receptive Yin style. It strengthens the legs, arms & core while also opening the shoulders, hips & spine. It is a gentle proprioceptive & interoceptive AY practice that crosses the fence between the physical, psychological & energetic.

VIRTUAL CLASS: Chandra Flow (Wednesdays at 6PM: GMT+8)

via Zoom



A tamasic, trauma-informed AY practice that utilizes the intelligence of our body through the practices of Pranayama, Restorative SUP Yoga and Somatic Meditation. It is a relaxing AY practice that balances and heals our nervous system and improves our vagal tone and neuroception.

VIRTUAL CLASS: Sattvic Rest (Fridays at 6PM: GMT+8)

via Zoom



A rajastic, surya-based AY practice of SUP Yoga, Pilates, and Functional Training using resistance bands (and AF Boards for indoor practice). It is a high-intensity but low impact AY practice that develops proprioception and exteroception, and promotes overall strength, stability and stamina. Prepare to shake and sweat.

VIRTUAL CLASS: Surya Flow (Mondays at 6PM: GMT+8)

via Zoom



A seated AY samatha meditation practice that concentrates, strengthens and clarifies the mind to gain insight. It is a systematic tool in developing new kinds of approach and wisdom in our lives based on our inner capacities for relaxation, paying attention, awareness, equanimity and compassion.

VIRTUAL CLASS: Guided (Sundays at 9:30AM: GMT+8)

via Zoom


    Practice at your own time and venue. You may book us for individual or group private classes. Corporate Wellness Programs are available as well.


    Learn more about our Specialty Classes. They are tailored to specific groups and needs, and are available for private lessons.


    Join our Full Moon and New Moon Immersions. Experience an Aquanimous evening of Relaxation, Bodywork, Ayurvedic Nutrition and Self-Care.

Aquanimous Yoga Is Now An Accredited ISYA SUP Yoga Training Centre!


The International SUP Yoga Academy (ISYA) is the world’s reference for SUP Yoga education, safety standards and practices. The ISYA is the governing body and registry for accredited SUP Yoga teachers, SUP Yoga schools and training centers internationally.

As an accredited ISYA SUP Yoga Training Centre, ISYA Ambassador and Aquanimous Yoga Founder, Lalah de Dios, are now facilitating AY Teacher Trainings and are formally certifying AY Teachers here in the Philippines and abroad!




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