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Beginner Series Online Course - Aquanimous Yoga
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Beginner Series Online Course

Beginner Series Online Course

We are offering our Beginner Series as a four-part online course starting next month! Each course in this series runs for 10 days and comes with a FREE 10-Day Lotus Meditation (Aqua Sati) course, and an introduction to Gut Wellness.

AY is a comprehensive holistic approach to health, happiness, and wellbeing. Rather than just addressing the physical body, we ascertain that all the five layers or Koshas of the human body (physical, energetic, emotional-mental, wisdom, bliss body) are addressed for overall balance and harmony to take place.

Aside from learning the foundational practices and basic poses of our AY classes, we will also introduce the first three (3) koshas in this series:

1 – SURYA FLOW (March 2-23; MWF 6-7pm):

This course is a dynamic fusion of yoga, pilates and functional training. For 10 days, we will address the physical body by learning how to safely build strength, stamina and stability using resistance bands. This will increase vitality, mobility and functionality in the physical system, while also encouraging an increased psychological capacity to rest in awareness in the face of often challenging sensations.

2 – CHANDRA FLOW (March 25-April 15; MWF 6-7pm):

This course is a gentle and therapeutic yin-yang practice. We will focus on organ health and the pliancy of our connective tissues while diving into our energy body. You will learn to develop a felt sense of this inner energetic map that mirrors your physical health or sickness, your ease and upset. We will balance the belly, heart and head centers, which are the seats of our intuitive knowing, compassionate expression, and cognizant insight.

3 – SATTVIC REST (April 18-May 9; MWF 6-7pm):

This course is a restorative practice where you will learn how to relax your body and calm your nervous system by practicing restful postures, visualization and breathing techniques, and somatic meditation. By dialoguing with different aspects of yourselves and holding fragile emotions in a safe and attentive space, you will learn more about the workings of your emotional expressions and also find the deeper, quiet ground of presence underneath your swirling mindscape.

4 – GUT WELLNESS & LOTUS MEDITATION (March 6-May 8; Sundays 9-10am):

This course has 2 parts. The first part is an introduction to gastrointestinal health and its connection to the mind. You will learn practical ways and simple exercises to reinvigorate and balance your gut and digestive system.

The second part is an introduction to mindfulness and loving-kindness meditation. You will learn how to relax and appreciate your busy thinking mind, while also developing access to your intrinsic, naturally occuring awareness, which is spacious and effortlessly quiet.

Integrating these 2 parts will result to a wise and gracious relationship with your body, mind and emotions.

Although our Koshas intermingle to form one organic whole, by inviting each layer into the foreground can help us cultivate a new kind of intimacy with it, like having a deep conversation with a single person in the midst of a crowded party. And as you progress in the practice (to strain the metaphor a bit) you’ll be able to dance with everyone there.

Come and join us! Tap the button below to register ?


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