Makati Shangri-La, Manila
Ayala Alabang, Muntinlupa City 1780, Philippines
PRIVATE CLASSES - Aquanimous Yoga
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 Choose from our SIGNATURE CLASSES, SPECIALTY SERIES and BEGINNER SERIES for private lessons.

Practice at your own schedule and venue, and receive customized teaching,

individualized attention, modifications and homework assignments

to deepen your yoga practice.

Our Private Classes are done face-to-face with vaccinated persons.


Our Signature Classes are done on the SUP and are available for 1-on-1 private lessons.

  • Contact us for rates and more details.
  • For vaccinated persons only
  • We currently cater to students in Alabang, BGC and Makati City

Our Aqua Firma class is available as a SUP Yoga practice on the water or as an indoor practice on land using our stability boards and resistance bands. It is a high-intensity but low impact class that combines the movements of Yoga, Pilates and Functional Training. Prepare to shake and sweat!

NOTE: Indoor practice can accommodate a maximum of 3 participants.

Aquanimous Yoga is a gentle yin-yang SUP Yoga practice that focuses on the pliancy of our connective tissues. It’s a very balanced practice that integrates both strengthening elements with flexibility.

Aqua Restore is our very relaxing and trauma-informed SUP Yoga practice where we will relearn how to breathe properly while gently stretching the body in restorative SUP Yoga postures. This class also recalibrates the nervous system thus bringing much relief from stress, trauma and anxiety.

Aqua Sati Meditation is our seated meditation practice that not only calms and concentrates the mind, but also trains the mind to bring about uninterrupted mindfulness. Mindfulness, and only mindfulness, produces wisdom and enlightenment.


Our Specialty Series are private AY classes tailored to specific groups and needs.

  • Contact us for rates and more details.
  • For vaccinated persons only
  • We currently cater to students in Alabang, BGC and Makati City

This class is held in shallow water and is for older adults who are looking to minimize the impact of exercise on their back and joints, while improving their health, fitness and well-being.

This class is held in shallow water and helps prepare expectant moms for labor. It eases many pregnancy discomforts and increases energy levels in a supportive environment.

This specialty class for kids combines the benefits of SUP Yoga and the fun of partner/acro yoga. It builds trust, confidence and concentration.

This class is a high-intensity, low-impact cross-training for athletes. It is done on the SUP and Stability Board that focuses on sport-specific conditioning, while minimizing the harsh impacts of land training.


We teach our Beginner Series and Ashtanga Yoga in our private mat yoga classes.

They are tailored to your needs and are available for 1-on-1 as well as group lessons.

  • Contact us for rates, special group events and/or corporate wellness packages.
  • For vaccinated persons only
  • We currently cater to students in Alabang, BGC and Makati City
  • Available for private virtual practice

This is our beginner’s class wherein the fundamentals of all the AY classes are incorporated into one basic class.

Using breath, intention and method, the classes build up slowly and the sequences are repeated several times until you become familiar with the sequence and techniques. Repetition is the key to progression.

Ashtanga Yoga is a modern form of a traditional Indian yoga practice, involving intense discipline, movement, and flexibility. It is a sequence of yoga postures performed in a specific order that emphasize the flow and breath between movements. We teach it in 2 styles: Counted (LED class) and Mysore style. Mysore style is where the yoga teacher’s role is to individually guide and adjust each student. The students perform at their own pace and flow through the poses from memory.

Give as a gift!

Purchase these Private Classes as a Gift Card at our floating studio or buy an eGift to print or e-mail. Kindly indicate this upon purchase so we can either give this beautiful gift card to you or e-mail it to your loved one. They will just have to present it to us on their first day of class to complete their registration.