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Elevate Your Practice With A Surface And Weight That Moves - Aquanimous Yoga
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Elevate Your Practice With A Surface And Weight That Moves

Elevate Your Practice With A Surface And Weight That Moves

Why do we practice so predictable, relying on fixed postures, repetitions, surfaces and weights to attain perfection, when the most significant events in our lives typically occur unexpectedly and in an unpredictable manner?

In AY, we strongly believe that dynamic training is paramount to improving our movements. The body needs core stability to move efficiently, especially during certain critical moments.

This is why we practice with a surface and weight that reacts dynamically to our slightest movement. Deviating from traditional mats and weights, the SUP, stability board and aquabags are “alive” ensuring that no two repetitions are ever the same. 

We constantly have to adjust to maintain control of the board, the weight and our body. Consequently, the water reacts again creating a continuous cycle of challenge and adaptation to ceaseless change.

By training our body to accommodate constant changes, we can enhance our motor skills and optimize our physical performance. This dynamic experience provides a revolutionary AY Practice that trains our functional core strength, stability, mobility and flexibility far beyond what any other device could offer.

Ultimately, this approach cultivates an embodied core that empowers us to manage uncertainties and effectively handle disturbances that may otherwise destabilize us.

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