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The AY Series - Aquanimous Yoga
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The AY Series

The AY Series

We offer three different streams that can be picked and chosen depending on your specific needs: Stability, Mobility, and Meditation.

Each stream starts with the Beginner Series and progresses to its own Intermediate and Advanced Series. Each series works on embodying a specific sheath (kosha) of our being. The Life Series is all about how we can integrate our AY practice into our daily lives and relationships. Aquanimous Yoga, afterall, is a way of life.

BEGINNER SERIES: Embodying the Gross Body

INTERMEDIATE SERIES: Embodying the Subtle Body

ADVANCED SERIES: Embodying the Causal Body

LIFE SERIES: Living Your Yoga

The structure of the AY Series is as follows:

1. FOUNDATION: “BUILD UP” breath-centered practice

  • Beginner Series – AY Basics: core awareness and stabilization strategy

2. STABILITY: “GROW UP” body-centered practices

  • Intermediate Series – AY Firma: stability and strength
  • Advanced Series – AY Sport: dynamic stability and power

3. MOBILITY: “CLEAN UP” heart-centered practices

  • Intermediate Series – AY Flow: mobility and flexibility
  • Advanced Series – AY Restore: release and healing

4. MEDITATION: “WAKE UP” mind-centered practices

  • Intermediate Series – AY Nidra: relaxation and nervous system regulation
  • Advanced Series – AY Sati: seated mindfulness and insight meditation practice

5. SELFLESS SERVICE: “SHOW UP” living your yoga

  • Life Series – AY Seva: community classes

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