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The AY Practice - Aquanimous Yoga
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The AY Practice

The AY Practice

The AY Practice is a deeply personal journey of discovery. The main component of this integrated journey is deep sensation awareness with yoga asanas and subtle breathing exercises.

The various phases of the AY Practice include development of the physical & subtle body, deep awareness & equanimity, concentration & insight, loving-kindness, and the feelings of deep oneness.

Broadly speaking, the AY Practice is divided into four classes. The intensity of these classes varies as we progress inward. In the initial phases, emphasis is given on yoga asanas and body movements, and at the later stages much emphasis are given on deep meditation.

However, the practices are not in sequential fashion as there is much overlapping in between. The AY Practice works in a spiral way.

Choose which class balances you at the moment so that you can experience the state of Samadhi or feelings of deep oneness on a regular basis.

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