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Personal Practice - Aquanimous Yoga
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Personal Practice

Personal Practice

As a yoga teacher, it’s important for me to keep my own personal practice. Not only does it fill my own cup, but it also becomes my teacher. I’m better able to see my own patterns and observe how I react to what arises in the moment. This self-inquiry enables me to make informed decisions in my life and relationships, and deepens my understanding of the practice, which eventually inspires my teaching.

To be a good yoga teacher, I believe, one has to be a good student first. We cannot teach what we are not practicing. I also find that when I commit to a home practice, I am able to bring a more intimate and honest understanding of what it means to be a practitioner. The tools that I gain through practice such as strength, patience, compassion, grit, and grace doesn’t only shine through in my teaching but they also help me hold space for my students to cultivate the same

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