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The Goal Of Yoga And Meditation - Aquanimous Yoga
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The Goal Of Yoga And Meditation

The Goal Of Yoga And Meditation

When one embarks on a spiritual path, it’s natural to believe that life is about to get really good. Many people think that spirituality means everything falls into place – that yoga and meditation makes everything positive. But if one really understands the practice, one will find out that it has nothing to do with becoming better or being happier. Instead, it means being more conscious and aware of the present moment, which is much different than being positive.

To be conscious and aware we must become authentic, and authenticity includes both the positive and negative. If practiced correctly, yoga and meditation are not an escape from our negativities. They actually make us face our darkness as we shine the light of our awareness, and teach us to be equanimous so that we can use this darkness as a tool to grow.

Make no mistake about it – growth is a destructive process. Yoga and meditation crumbles away anything that is untrue so that we’re able to see through the facade of pretense. It eradicates away everything we imagined to be true, and the more we fight this, the more we suffer.

So we learn to accept the life of the moment so that we can allow ourselves to flow gracefully and powerfully at the same time, much like water.

As we flow, let us not make goals out of our practice. A goal implies time, working toward something in the future. This spiritual path is about discovering what we already are.

We are the goal.

Let’s come to understand what this means and live it.

It’s not easy, but it’s so worth it! ⚡️

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