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Lotus Restore and Neuroception - Aquanimous Yoga
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Lotus Restore and Neuroception

Lotus Restore and Neuroception

From this: “What is wrong with me?”

To this: “What is my body telling me?”

As we begin to understand our nervous system, we realize that we’re not too sensitive, needy, anxious, depressed, reactive or co-dependent.

We can begin to see ourselves as having an inner surveillance system that’s primed for cues of danger & is trying to keep us safe.

Our patterns of dysregulation are adaptive responses of a nervous system that may be sensitive to cues of danger because of previous times where we experienced chronic or traumatic stress.

What happens in our past impacts our NEUROCEPTION: how we detect if people & places are safe, dangerous or life threatening.

The detection of a person, our environment or even internal sensations of our body as safe or dangerous triggers changes in our nervous system.

This happens in the primitive parts of our brain outside of our conscious awareness. Our nervous system has made changes that can lead to fight/flight/freeze/fawn even though we may not be aware of it.

When we learn how our physiology changes after chronic stress & trauma, we learn that it is not US but our nervous system that’s responding this way.

Shame and blame dissolve as we begin to recognize our unique nervous system patterns that arise under stress & that it’s ok if we get anxious, shut-down or need to rely on others to help us feel safe & secure.

This autonomic awareness is what gives us time to slow down & respond, rather than react reflexively & say & do things that we don’t mean.

We can learn to become a securely attached friend to our own distressed self. We can learn how to attune to our own survival brain & nervous system & use effective re-regulation tools that bring us back to a state of inner security & trust.

The more that we practice this, the more our neuroception system changes. It doesn’t react to false alarms that shift us into anxiety, reactivity or shut-down.

Join us online via Zoom for practice.
Lotus Restore: Fridays, 6-7pm (GMT+8)
Mindfulness Meditation: Sundays, 9:30-10am.

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