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Aquanimous Yoga Class - Aquanimous Yoga
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Aquanimous Yoga Class

Aquanimous Yoga Class

It is wise to act, until it is time to surrender.
It is wise to surrender, until it is time to act.

We know that even though ideally we would want to control everything in our life, we can’t. Complete control can only exist when something has already happened, when it’s the past not the future.

Therefore we have two approaches to living. One is that of struggling and striving to get what we want. Second, that of totally abandoning effort and letting go.

Both approaches seem like opposites, but they depend on each other. Neither can exist without the other.

We must act when there is oppression, when we are pressured into something we don’t want to do, when there is injustice, cruelty or subjugation, or when it’s clear what must be done.

Here, inaction is death. Surrender is defeat. And letting things take their own course is stupidity.

But there is a time when the more we suppress a memory, the stronger it gets. The more we try to forget, the more we remember. The more we fight addiction, the deeper we go into it. The more we put in a relationship, the less we get out of it.

Here we must surrender to let things take their own course. We have to let the memories arise and release. We must let the addictive mental patterns come and go without fighting them. We have to allow silence and peace to heal a relationship.

Here, action leads to more confusion, chaos, stress, worry and stagnation. Feigning courage leads only to more fear, controlling only to more helplessness.

All good artists already know this. Sometimes they must iterate many paintings just to get to the point of surrender. Sometimes they must surrender until they find the inspiration and their creative voice.

Life is art, and as such it’s always in delicate balance.

Our responsibility is to find out which side of this balance we are on, and correct towards the middle. The middle is where there is harmony, where action and surrender begin to seamlessly merge and flow.

Join us every Wednesday from 6pm-7pm (GMT+8) via Zoom for this equanimous experience. DM us for more details 🌸


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