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Calming The Mind - Aquanimous Yoga
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Calming The Mind

Calming The Mind

So much of life is unnoticed that not noticing has become a habit. To build a new habit, a habit of being present, we only have to begin to pay attention to what is already here. It is simple, but not easy.

How we pay attention is crucial. Pay attention mindfully. This means noticing without judgment and without trying to make anything happen. Stop trying to change things. This attention is allowing. There is curiosity. There is beginner’s mind. There is not-knowing, and not telling a story about it, not thinking we already know what is here because we have a lot of thoughts about it.

As we aproach life this way, being more sensitive to the details of daily experience, paying attention on purpose, we are training our mind to be present. We are awakening to the experience of living fully. We begin to discover the spaciousness and stillness that is inside. This spaciousness can begin to support us. It is there for us in managing fear, panic, anxiety, depression. It will be there for other demanding visitors like anger, grief, or despair, as well.

Join us every Saturday at 6pm and Sunday at 9:30am for our 30-minute Mindfulness Meditation. By donation via Zoom. Contact us for details.

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