Makati Shangri-La, Manila
Ayala Alabang, Muntinlupa City 1780, Philippines
9:30am Sundays - Aquanimous Yoga
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9:30am Sundays

9:30am Sundays

Dear Friends,

I would like to invite you to join our weekly, donation-based Group Sitting via Zoom. Starting this Sunday, June 28, and every Sunday thereafter, we will be gathering from 9:30am to 10am to learn how to pause and pay more attention to ourselves and our lives.

We live in truly interesting times. Uncertainty seems to grow daily all around us that we are probably feeling some kind of disturbance in our lives.

It may take the form of stress, fear, grief, depression, anxiety, or even panic and dread. It could be about something known or unknown, something that has happened or that may happen. It could be about ourselves or about someone close to us.

These weekly Group Sittings are intended to help anyone who would like to do something to improve their situation, and have the support of a community.

The meditation approach relies on our basic human quality called Mindfulness. It is an invitation to allow awareness, which flows naturally from the act of paying attention, to inform us how we live, each day and each moment, in each relationship, and with ourselves.

This invitation to practice Mindfulness is an invitation to come into a new and more wholesome relationship with our experience. To discover the inner space, stillness, and simplicity that are our natural heritage as human beings, which we so often forget, yet we long for so deeply as our lives seem to spin more and more out of control.

By taking this opportunity to learn and develop skills for being more present, we can realize in ourselves the spaciousness and stillness that can safely contain even the most anxious moments of heart and mind.

I’d love for you to join us. Send me a private message for more details ❤

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