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Aquanimous Yoga TV - Aquanimous Yoga
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Aquanimous Yoga TV

Aquanimous Yoga TV

Aquanimous Yoga TV is our official YouTube channel. The program I have released, which I call the Kick-Starter Program, is intended for beginners. It includes Asana, Meditation, and Breathing practices.

The Asana Practice is divided into three (3) energy flows: Easy, Chandra-based (gentle), and Surya-based (energetic). See which energy flow suits you at the moment, then choose from the Full Programs and Short Forms we have here on the website.

It is lovely to be guided through these practices but, overtime, be sure to practice them on your own. The ultimate goal is to establish an independent practice, so make a commitment to practice 2-4x in a week. That way, you will learn important lessons about yourself, and you’ll become more aware of your mind and body.

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