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The Need To Balance Fire With Water - Aquanimous Yoga
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The Need To Balance Fire With Water

The Need To Balance Fire With Water

Benguet is burning. Another forest fire and now it is closer to home.

There is a deep interconnectedness between human activity and the natural environment. The world has been burning as much as humans are burning: our minds are too busy, our hearts too unforgiving, and our bodies too exhausted. There’s too much fire in us that it is also manifesting in our outer world. These wildfires (even volcanic eruptions) serve as mirrors of our inner world and are a wake-up call for us to bring balance, harmony, and connection back into our lives.

This urge to be decisive, defining, demanding is what is causing us problems. It is fine to rise up and do things, but the mistake we make is to constantly be trying to rise up and do things relentlessly. The only way for us to actually accomplish things is to constantly remind ourselves that at some appropriate point, we must step back, have faith, trust, be kind, and let go.

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