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On Aquanimous Yoga And Turning 40 - Aquanimous Yoga
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On Aquanimous Yoga And Turning 40

On Aquanimous Yoga And Turning 40

About 10 years ago I had this crazy idea of making a program that specializes in Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga. Anyone who knew me probably had a little chuckle at this and anyone who didn’t maybe rolled their eyes and called it a “fad.”

Did I care?


What they didn’t see or didn’t care to understand was that this wasn’t me trying to get attention. This was something I found that lit me up, that I felt passion for, that connected me more deeply to my very soul.

2 years in, I was in a relationship that did support my dream. He offered to work with me as it suited his lifestyle as well: beach, surf, meditation and SUP yoga. But when it came down to the actual implementation, I suddenly found myself doing everything alone. Even putting up the website, which is in his line of work, I had to do on my own. Then all the deaths happened: my dogs, my mom, my best friend. During those times, he wasn’t there either. So I decided to put an end to our relationship.

In 2016 I moved to La Union. It wasn’t part of the plan as I was supposed to establish Aquanimous Yoga in Manila. But the pledge to live my truth and to build a life I don’t need a vacation from was a far more louder cry than anything else.

The experiences I’ve had throughout the years: both the ones that sent me soaring high up in the clouds and the ones that shook me to the very core and brought me rock bottom, became the very foundation I’ve built Aquanimous Yoga on.

I was able to solidify my program there, and even though life on the beach was cleansing, it became too abrasive. After 2 years, the people I considered friends turned out to be the opposite. It just became too toxic that I had to leave and go back to Manila. I held workshops here until in January 2019, Makati Shangri-La offered their space to be my venue.

It’s been a one-woman show for the majority of this crazy adventure. I have been and there have been many moments of weakness where I have panicked and even asked if this is enough and should I still continue? But then my real friends and family have always been here to support me, so I’m able to brush myself off and tell myself that “I will make it enough.” So I continue…

Through the hardest times, this has been my salvation, my joy, peace, soul. In the best times, it has been my reminder for why I started. I’m not doing things perfectly but I find ways to create balance – always. As I turn 40, it’s also a reminder for me that it’s ok to take a different path. That it’s ok to BE different! I never started Aquanimous Yoga to become a millionaire. I started it to live a life that fulfilled me and made my DREAM my “day job,” and I did that.

This journey hasn’t been easy but I believe that we are the creators of what we see, and breath is the doorway to it all. May we give ourselves time and space to simply be ourselves. May we everyday re-member the beauty and power that we are, and may we real-eyes that what we truly seek is always right here, NOW.

#Dream #Believe #Achieve

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