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On Balance, Proprioception, and Interoception - Aquanimous Yoga
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On Balance, Proprioception, and Interoception

On Balance, Proprioception, and Interoception

Proprioception is our awareness of where our body is located in space. It is often considered our sixth sense and is arguably as important as our other five senses.

Interoception is our awareness of what’s going on within the boundary of our own skin. It is our innate knowledge of our physical self, and it reduces the separation between the mind and the body.

Both are critical aspects to moving well, and we improve them not just through moving in a variety of ways but also in a variety of environments.

When practicing in Aquanimous Yoga, we develop an objective curiosity towards what’s happening within and outside our body. When I place myself in a posture on the board, my first response is to find myself in the space. I feel the board moving underneath me and I try to feel my whole body on top of it. I try to sense the ever-changing movements and how my body, mind and breath are responding to them. Then I adjust accordingly to get centered.

This inner and outer investigation expands our awareness of self and makes navigating the postures and, ultimately, life, much more graceful. It facilitates a relaxation response and fosters a multi-dimensional realization of self: within, surrounding and beyond the body.

Embodiment is experienced.

On the board, take the time to feel where your body is in space and how it moves through space. How do you interact with the environment? How much force are you using to perform a specific skill? Is it appropriate for the demands of the task? If not, why not? Can you adapt to the different movements of the board? The different surface, different grip, different texture?

Breathe and soften your view on things, and learn to trust your body. Practice adaptability and variability in the midst of constant change, and you will improve your resilience and, ultimately, strength.

In Aquanimous Yoga, we stay soft and become strong.

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