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On Adding Difficulty To Challenging Postures - Aquanimous Yoga
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On Adding Difficulty To Challenging Postures

On Adding Difficulty To Challenging Postures

We need to balance and stabilize on an unstable platform like the balance board and stand-up paddleboard. What more when we add yoga postures?

You might ask: Lalah, why do you need to add difficulty to something that’s already hard?

My answer is: It’s important to understand that no matter how difficult the postures or the practice gets, yoga on the boards is just a tool for us to gaze within our inner Selves, not the goal in and of itself. The more the posture/practice challenges us, the deeper we can gaze within.

I believe we need to experience ourselves at the edge of our comfort zone in order to access the limitless Self within. We only truly know ourselves when we are shaken and tested.

It’s easy to be happy and peaceful when everything goes our way, but harder to remain calm and compassionate under stress. A challenging practice is meant to make our mind stronger and our heart more open so that we can be kinder and more accepting of ourselves and others.

Aquanimous Yoga & Aqua Firma are not foolhardy tricks but powerful tools of inner awakening. They are here to teach us how to go to the places that scare us, use adversity to make us stronger, and love our shadows as much as our light.

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