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Holy Week Workshop: A Journey From The Gross To The Subtle - Aquanimous Yoga
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Holy Week Workshop: A Journey From The Gross To The Subtle

This Holy Week, join me on a journey in cultivating awareness of the Physical Body to the Subtle Body through a 5-Day Yoga Workshop.

Those that practice yoga on a regular basis understand its many physical benefits but there’s a deeper reason for exploring the interior world or subtle body. When one addresses all the layers of the Self, there is a greater emphasis on wholeness and wellness; the ability to heal and thrive.

DAY 1:

April 12, Wednesday: SUP YOGA EXPLORE
Standing Balance

This experience starts with basic water safety, types of stand up paddle equipment, different parts of a SUP board and proper board handling.

This will be followed by SUP basics such as properly getting on & off the board, transitioning to your feet, and finding balance & center of gravity while static and in motion (prone, seated, kneeling and standing).

You will also learn how to correctly hold a paddle, and how to do basic strokes and turns. Safe-exit technique and water safety considerations are also taught.

From here we will move on to SUP Yoga basics wherein the three-fold approach to yogasana called Tristana is also introduced. We will start with Ujjayi Pranayama (Victorious breath) followed by a gentle yoga warm up series. We will then embark on a tranquil set of yoga postures wherein Bandhas (energy locks) and Drishti (looking focus) are also introduced.


* introduction to balance, proprioception & core awareness
* finding center of gravity
* introduction to Tristana: Ujjayi Pranayama (breathing technique), Bandhas (energy locks or seals), Dristi (looking focus)


DAY 2:

April 13, Thursday: SUP YOGA CONNECT (Hatha Yoga)
Arm Balance and Inversions

Here, we will find our rootedness and core stability through arm balances and inversions. We will look at SUP asanas as a physical structure and focus on mindfulness of the physical body in stillness and in motion.

Giving importance to the breath, bandhas and drishti, this grounding workshop settles the busy mind and improves balance and awareness.

CONNECT with your innate, distilled core power and build a solid foundation in this workshop.


* Core stability & awareness
* Balance & Proprioception
* Alignment and muscle activation
* Applied Tristana


DAY 3:

April 13, Thursday: MAT YOGA FLOW (Vinyasa Yoga)
Forward Bends

We will take our yoga practice to the MAT and synchronize our movements with our breath while continuously integrating bandhas and drishti.

Our attention will be on the breath and we will look at the asanas as Pranic energy. We will observe how the asanas can take us to different places depending upon how we direct our Prana.

Practicing this way makes us receptive to life-force and teaches us to work in rhythm with life. It has a strong internalizing effect that brings us to the deeper levels of yoga.

Breathe and FLOW from one asana to another and feel the infinite dance of energy that resides within you in this workshop.


* Breath Awareness
* Pranayama
* Directing Prana
* Moving Meditation


DAY 4:

April 15, Saturday: MAT YOGA ALLOW (Yin Yoga)
Hips, Shoulders & Spine – Twists and Backbends

We will balance our dynamic tendencies with a gentler, quieter yoga practice.

As important as it is to our physical and mental well-being to be strong, it is not our muscular strength that gives us the feeling of ease and lightness in the body but the flexibility of our joints and connective tissues.

We will go deeper into our yoga practice by gently stretching and re-aligning the deeper tissues of the shoulder, hips and spine through twists and backbends, while also looking at these asanas as a reflection of our thoughts and intention. We will also observe the mental and emotional effects of the asanas so that we can tune into the internal, non-conceptual, softer aspects of our nature.

By ALLOWing ourselves to surrender in the asanas, we will discover the ancient art of stillness and deep listening. This encourages us to embody an open heart and mind towards ourselves and others.

Bring about physical, emotional and mental lightness and equipoise from this workshop.


* focus on joints, ligaments, fascia, connective tissue
* introduction to Seated Meditation


DAY 5:

April 16, Sunday: MAT YOGA LOTUS (Seated Meditation)
Insight Meditation and Yoga Nidra – “Healing The Body”

This is the culmination of our 5-Day Workshop Series. Here, we will combine all the yoga styles, techniques and practices we have learned and execute them into one AQUANIMOUS Yoga practice before diving more deeply into Sitting Meditation.

Using the presence and sensitivity that we have cultivated from the previous workshops, we will learn more about the patterns and habits of our mind. This workshop will be an introduction to Insight Meditation where we will observe bodily sensations and mental events with the intention of gaining insight into reality.

This will be followed by a 45-minute Yoga Nidra or deep relaxation where we will use our mind to heal our body. We will examine how to work with some of the common obstacles to clarity, and we will offer means to cultivate new, more positive ways of being.

Like a LOTUS flower rising gracefully above the mud to bloom, the meditation techniques in this workshop will encourage and develop equanimity, concentration, clarity, emotional positivity, and a calm seeing of the true nature of things.

With regular work and patience these nourishing, focused states of mind can deepen into profoundly peaceful and energized states. Such experiences can have a transformative effect and can lead into a new understanding of life.


* Insight Meditation
* Metta Bhavana (Loving-Kindness Meditation)
* Yoga Nidra


Energy Exchange for this workshop:

Early Bird (before April 12) – P3,000
Regular Rate (by April 12) – P3,500

Individual Classes:

SUP Yoga: P1,250
MAT Yoga: P600


Depending on the number of participants, we might hold back-to-back classes for SUP Yoga. One at 7am and another by 9am. Please register early to get a spot. Maximum of 6 students per class.

Please message us directly for more info.

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