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Practice Balance, Be Balanced - Aquanimous Yoga
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Practice Balance, Be Balanced

We live in a society today where we are bombarded by external stimuli that we’ve become very much stressed, imbalanced and disconnected from ourselves. We’ve been living outside ourselves that we keep running around looking for quick fixes to make us feel better. But the faster we run, the faster we miss the point.
We search for balance, but finding this does not lie on the outside world. Balance comes from slowing down, from taking deep breaths, from turning our attention and awareness inwards.
Our SUP Yoga classes provide just those. By utilizing an unstable and tactile platform (i.e. water and a stand up paddle board) we learn how to create external balance already. Add a yoga practice on top of it and we create moments of deeper awareness, mindfulness and gratitude, all of which develop our inner balance or equanimity.
Our classes are taken in progression. We believe that true learning and change are done slowly with small, simple steps. This is why we have broken down our approach into 6 transformative classes. In this way, we can also assist you safely and effectively through your inner journey.
Practice balance on top of our floating mat. Bring this balance with you as you go through the shifts and turns of your daily life.
Balance is not something that shows up one day and is suddenly here to stay; it’s the result of creating moments of mindfulness and gratitude throughout our day.” -Rachel Brathen
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