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AY TRAINING PATH - Aquanimous Yoga
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In Aquanimous Yoga (AY), we offer Immersive Coursework to assist practitioners in integrating Yoga, Meditation, Breathwork and Holistic Psychology into a skillful practice to balance the body, heart and mind, and to be of benefit towards ourselves and others:

These programs are open to all. It is not required that you be on the path of certification to attend these teachings.

If, and only if, you are interested in our immersive TEACHER TRAINING Certifications:

  • You must complete and submit an application

  • Be accepted into the program

  • Complete all program and mentorship requirements


There’s a great responsibility that comes with teaching Aquanimous Yoga in terms of both the physical and emotional health and safety of students. Our high standards of SUP Yoga education, water safety, injury prevention & management, and student care are key.

In Aquanimous Yoga, we believe that there are no shortcuts. We must directly experience our own truths first before teaching. We do this by looking within ourselves, by observing ourselves through asana and meditation practice.

We offer our Teacher Training Immersion through a number of immersive workshops, holistic inquiry retreats, continuing education and mentorship program. These are coursework where we give our students guidelines with which to work to meet themselves and have their own realization of truth.

We believe that integrating essential teachings and practices from the wisdom traditions of yoga, meditation, ayurveda and holistic psychology amplifies our insights and generates the potential for them to dawn as wisdom. These complementary streams offer a heart-centered, well-rounded program that helps us become of more benefit to ourselves and others.


These are special, extended-format yoga classes and explorations done over the weekend where learning objectives are achieved through lecture, discussion, and practice. (20 Hours)


These are 3-day long retreats where we will practice asana, breathwork, meditation, and methods for awakening the heart. The talks and meditations will focus on the Buddhist teachings of Mindfulness as well as inviting experiential insights with inquiry both in solitude and at times, with a partner. (30 Hours)


We consider the mentoring process an essential element for those on the path of certification in Aquanimous Yoga. It is a unique experience in continuing education for the graduates of our Teacher Training Immersion.

Under the guidance of an experienced mentor, new graduates develop confidence and learn to cultivate their own unique style and expression of teaching, allowing them to come into their own as AY Teachers.

The program has flexible hours and is made up of the following components:

Asana Practice

You are required to practice AY Asana and Meditation classes with your mentor.


Initially, you will observe your mentor’s class and have a brief discussion afterwards to answer any questions that may have arisen regarding sequencing, assists, etc.  If your mentor deems it appropriate, you may begin to offer assists within the class and, guided by your mentor, lead one or two poses in class.

Community Classes

Towards the end of the program, you will have an opportunity to practice teach full-length classes. Your mentor will observe and provide feedback.

Private Mentorship Sessions

You will meet with your mentor for a discussion session. These sessions will be structured to outline your goals and objectives and discuss your progress. You will also be given reading and writing assignments relevant to your interests.

Personal Study

Your mentor will assign you reading and writing projects to complete, custom-tailored based on your personal intentions and what your mentor deems most appropriate for you.


AY recognizes Continuing Education (CE) hours as time spent learning something new through research, study or experiential learning rather than synthesizing or processing prior knowledge.

All AY Certified Teachers must meet the following CE requirements in order to maintain their current AY Teacher credentials. Hours accumulated in CE can be credited for the requirements needed in the next AY Teacher level.

  • Must complete 50 hours of CE within a year from the date of their certification. This includes:
    • 15 hrs of teaching AY classes
    • 15 hrs of AY asana & meditation practice under an AY mentor
    • Specialization Units 
      • Training (10 hrs)
      • Teaching (10 hrs)